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Best Weddings Ever -.-‘

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I thought my song was beginning that day, but it was almost done.

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my favorite thing about game of thrones is how serious the actors are

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Stark sisters and Sandor 2x09 // 4x03

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I know everybody is freaking out (justified) about how show!Jamie was made into a rapist, but can we talk about Sandor as well

Because book!Sandor gets offered honest work for honest money too, and he accepts it and chops wood for like, two weeks, until the villagers…

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Oberyn Martell & Ellaria Sand being perfect

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I am actually pissed because that never fucking happened in the book OKAY?!


Can we just pretend that this was the only thing that happend and the scene that comes after this wasn’t there?

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In The Forest Of Stories: Jaime Lannister, Rapist


Last night, GAME OF THRONES made Jaime Lannister a rapist.

Jaime, who concocts a desperate lie to save Brienne from rape1; who explicitly tells his squire not to lie with a woman unless she’s willing2; who meets out swift and bloody punishment to rapists under his command3; who watched his brother’s wife endure gang rape4 and his sister suffer through years of marital rape5, and who obviously hates his failure to halt either situation.

Jaime, who I expected to loathe, and who has become my favourite character in large part because he’s the only person in the Seven Kingdoms who explicitly speaks out against sexual violence.

I find it inconceivable that he would rape Cersei. The showrunners clearly feel otherwise.

In the book, last night’s sex scene is unpleasant but absolutely consensual. Jaime returns to the city and comes upon Cersei in front of their son’s bier in the Great Sept of Baelor. They’ve lost their son, she’s just learned he’s lost his hand, and they turn to one another for carnal comfort. Cersei does protest at first, since she’s worried they’ll be discovered, but she quickly becomes a full participant. It’s something both parties need and consent to6.

On the show, Cersei never ceases to fight him physically and verbally. It’s rape any way you look at it.

I kept waiting for the scene to shift; to take on the same tone as its literary counterpart. This never happened.

And I’m really fucking angry about it.

It’s not like book!Jaime is a paragon of virtue, but he’s neither a rapist nor someone who condones rape. When he councils Brienne to retreat into herself while Vargo Hoat’s men use her, he’s sharing a strategy he himself used to get through trauma7. And when it becomes clear that’s not going to work for her, he does everything he can to change the situation, as he could never change it for Cersei.

From this point on, he looks at his choices and evaluates the person he is versus the person he’d like to be, and his stance on rape is a crucial part of that. I’m horrified the GAME OF THRONES writers feel him capable of forcing himself on his sister.

I don’t see how I can continue to root for show!Jaime going forward.

If you want the truth, I’m no longer so sure I can keep faith with the show at large. I’ve been hoping they’ll interrogate certain poorly handled elements, such as Daenerys’s white savior thing (which does come under fire in the books as she discovers you can’t just move in and change an entire culture), but the way they’ve envisioned Jaime makes me wonder if that hope is misplaced.

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I am a bastard girl now. Alayne Stone has no claim.

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